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Modern Dance Environments

Modern Dance Environments 3

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Reviews and Testimonials

FROM: Professor Gladys Kares, Director of Dance / Department of Theatre and Dance /   Calif. State University, Fullerton

Hi Norman

I am sitting here working and listening to your CD again. Had to stop and write you how terrific it is. Performances, compositions and recording quality are so superior to what is out there. Thank you so very much for doing it. It will be well used.

Professor Gladys Kares

PS. You are welcome to use my words. The humor in some of the music is so refreshing, clever and so rare.

FROM: Joyce Woodson / Multi-Award Winning Song Writer

Dear Norm,

Thank you for my copy of your new CD Modern Dance Environments 3. What a terrific collection of songs.  I’ve been playing it over and over these past few days.  I love the combination of your piano and the soprano sax on Footprints.  That and Five Minute Break with drums and piano are my current favorite. I also love Untitled 99 for meditation.  It really works.  I’m not a dancer but I can see how valuable all these tracks can be for a dance troupe. Congrats again on producing such a lovely CD.  It was so worth it!

Yours, Joyce Woodson

FROM: Donald McKayle, Professor Emeritus, UC Irvine Dept. of Dance

Wonderful Norm,

I have listened to it many times . It’s wonderful, tasty, provocative, and stimulating. It makes me want to make dance and look over my shoulder and smile at you.

Thank you over and over,


FROM: Douglas Hill, International photographer / UCLA Professor @ www.doughill.com

Hey, Norm. Been playing your brand spankin’ new Modern Dance Environments 3 and lovin’ it. Makes me want to dance, despite my being really bad at it.

Douglas Hill